Yes, I shoot both videography and photography. We mostly shoot videography for weddings. We are a husband and wife team who can shoot both videos and photos for your event. For bigger events, we usually have 1-2 additional shooters to help us. We Shoot Both!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you shoot Photography & Videography?

To hold the date of your event, session, or event you must fill out the form on our website! You will then select the service you are interested in, then select a date and time on our Calendar. You will then be prompted to fill out your name and personal information. Once completed, a quote will be sent to your email for you to review. Your date is booked only when the invoice is accepted, contract is signed, and a non-refundable retainer, which is 50% of your total package cost is secured except for weddings the deposit is $750. To be fair to all potential couples, I cannot hold your date or pencil you in. The final balance of your package is due 30 days before your wedding day and at least 1 week before any smaller event or session. You may split up the payments or just do one final one.

Can you hold our date for us without a deposit? Is there a deposit?

For studio sessions you could receive up to 50 images. For headshot sessions you could receive up to 25 images. For Lifestyle and Outdoor sessions you could receive up to 50 images. My average for an 8 hour wedding day is up to 650 images with a second photographer which could vary based on the size of the wedding and events happening on that day. Corporate events usually receive up to 400 images depending the the length of time for that day.

How many images will I receive for my wedding or photo session?

When a photographer is editing a picture, he/she is making adjustments to things like brightness, color, contrast and other factors. All images are edited in this regard and most of our clients share photos on social media that are edited. To retouch an image we use a software called photoshop to creatively enhance or manipulate images. This entails: blemish removal, weight reduction, removing stray hairs, teeth whitening, skin smoothening, removing or adding objects, merging photos, adding or removing people, body reshaping, and so much more. Certain packages will come with a retouched image like our Headshot or Studio sessions. Anyone can have photos retouched or creatively edited at an additional cost starting at $25 per Retouched Image.

will all my photos be photoshopped, edited and retouched?

All photos will be available for online viewing approximately 5-7 days after the shoot. Weddings normally take 4-6 weeks. I know it can be exciting waiting for your images. Please understand it takes time for us to render and download your images, culling through them by selecting your top images, lightly color correct your images, update our copyrights and data, create easy galleries for you to download, and setup a smooth shopping experience for clients to view, download, and purchase prints.

When will I receive my images?

Currently we are not taking on any video projects unless it's a wedding. We do have a referral for you who specializes in doing video production for you small business or brand.

Do you shoot and Edit videos?

We may sometimes feels it's best to go with a more affordable option even though it may sacrifice quality and longevity of the product with consumer print labs. Using Professional Photography Printing Labs ensures your images are delivered true to your final edits from your photographer. We work so hard to deliver a consistency in our prints color and contrast to offering the highest quality prints you'll love. All of our Clients love the feel and hight quality of our prints and have stated to look and feel way better than consumer printing labs.

Why should I get prints from you instead of cVS or Walgreens?

We value our work here at Marcus D. Porter Studios. We have so many packages at affordable rates with flexible payment options. We know that your investment in us will offer you the best experience ever! We treat all our clients like family! We don't shoot clients for free because this is what I do full-time in order to provide for my family. It's my passion and I truly love what I do.

Can you shoot me for free?

We are currently shooting videos for mostly weddings. We no longer shoot promotional videos and commercial videos at this time. For all other video inquiries, we accept certain videography gigs on a client by client bases where a custom quote will be provided.

What type of videos do you shoot now?

We are currently shooting photos for mostly weddings but we shoot photography for a few other things. We shoot lifestyle, studio, glamour, and event photography. We do not shoot kids or newborns!

What type of Photos do you shoot now?

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