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I spend most of our spare time eating, laughing, and watching movies! I love meeting new people and we just may be a perfect match, let's take this exciting adventure together. If you're into photos or videos that make you feel good and you want to create a memorable experience that will last, then you've come to the right place. Just know you'll make a new friend or two in the process, so keep scrolling. We can't wait to meet you!

I Love to Travel! Coming to a City Near You!

Wedding & LIFESTYLE photographer
in Memphis, TN

I love connecting with people through community functions or just hanging out. I'm a gear head who loves the latest tech. I smile too much and show tons of love! I love me some island foods and lemon pepper hot wings! I'm a fun guy who loves watching TV shows, playing video games, shopping online, playing tennis, traveling the world and making others feel good about themselves. I'm your #1 Hype Man!

what I'm known for:

I was that kid who was always bullied and picked last but it never stopped me from being the funniest guy in school. At one point in my life, I gave up on myself and almost took my own life because I didn't know what I was destined to do. Even though life was hard, I was able to find my passion through great mentors and positive men in my life. I've been shooting for over 12 years but I left my job and I've been full time for 4 years now doing what I love and what people told me was impossible to do.

I'm a Southern boy born in Fort Hood, Texas raised in Dothan, Alabama. "Mannn", "Bruh", "Sis", and "Cuzz" is a part of my vocabulary.

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I would work with Marcus again and again. Not only is he easy to book but he is prompt and responsible. When taking our anniversary photos, he made my husband and I feel very at ease. He was also open to all of our location choices. At my graduation, he was there at every turn taking pictures. Marcus’ photos are sharply focused and creative. An added bonus is he gets the final product to you quickly. Working with Marcus has been a pleasure and I will cherish the images he has captured forever.

"Pictures are Sharply Focused and He is so fun to work with"

Alison Wilson D.D.S.

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I had one of the most awesome experience shooting with this guy right here! He not only made it comfortable for me but also fun, and most importantly he was very talented and creative!

"Very Talented & Creative. He loves helping others learn and grow"

Karen Lagon

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Marcus is a fantastic photographer to work with. He was consistently open to what I wanted as a model and the results surpassed my expectations. He blends professionalism with fun for a one of a kind, unforgettable experience.

"He blends professionalism with fun this guy is awesome"

ReJena Whiting

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There are so many reasons why I chose Kreative Marcs Media. When I scheduled my photography session, I wanted someone who could make me feel relaxed, comfortable, and just bring out the genuine smiles and laughter in a person. Marcus did just that and gave us helpful advice regarding posing and angles. I loved that I was able to have access to all of the pictures and didn’t have to worry about minimal selections. I will definitely use Kreative Marcs Media again soon!

"Marcus Made Me Feel Relaxed & Comfortable. He always keeps me laughing"

Tabbi Doll

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