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This is the elixir video that was shot here in memphis, TN for Cynthia Daniels & Co.

This is one of memphis elite parties where people come come have a good time with lots of drinks, food, and dancing.

This party was held at the Hilton Memphis. It had 6 DJs in 4 different colored themed rooms with Live band performances in the Velvet Room.

I've realized this is one of my favorite videos to shoot!

This is the Law of Solomon video that was shot here in memphis, TN for Aldavina Dos Santos.

I shot this video to highlight her CLOTHING brand. She loves working out and she wanted to showcase the merge between the two.

This was a fun project to do. I stepped out of my comfort zone CREATIVITY. I'm excited to see what else I'm capable of doing

Let's go!

This is a Prom send off that I filmed for LJ and his family. I never new proms were that big here in memphis.

Based of LJ's personality I wanted to shoot something more young and fresh. He wanted the video to be more like an music video so I accepted the CHALLENGE.

I had an awesome time putting my camera movements to the test. I've received A LOT of POSITIVE feedback on this video.

Now i'm ready to shot another one!

This was my first celebrity shoot for Gina Neely. This was shot here in memphis at the orpheum.

When i was asked to shoot this gig, I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. I calmed my nerves and was able to capture some amazing footage just showing a recap of her Red Carpet event.

I love having the opportunity to meet people.

I suppose that makes me a Celebrity videographer now!

This was a super fun project for a Fashion show I shot here in Memphis, TN.

I kind of knew where I wanted my cameras to be and how I wanted to shoot it. But I changed my idea right when the fashion show started.

I felt like it would be amazing if I could be in the runway capturing the models walk without being apart of the fashion show itself.

and it worked!

This is the whole reason why my career started here in Memphis, TN. Adrienne Small. I've been working with here since day one.

I love how she tells me her ideas and allows me to just be me and create. I love creating and expressing myself and she allows me to do that.

This video shows her promo and takes a GLIMPSE into her story as an ENTREPRENEUR.

She's super amazing!

This is a video I did for a professional boxer Carlos Pote Vidal. He reached out to me because he said my work was different.

I thought it would be cool to capture a ton of slow motion movements of Carlos's Routine

This video got us all fired up and I really love how I was able to just go in and create while still going above and beyond his expectations.

Projects like these I enjoy the most!

This is the NYE PArty Life video that was shot here in memphis, TN for Cynthia Daniels & Co.

I remember shooting my first gig with here and I used all the funds to rent the best equipment possible because I wanted to do such a good job.

After she saw this video, she booked me for the whole year. Everyone loved my work and this was another high peak of my career here in Memphis. 

Super grateful for her!

This is the Back to me release party that was shot here in memphis, TN for Keia Johnson.

I was super excited to be apart of her blue lagoon theme which was super cool with all the colors.

I created a mini intro video that showed a small recap of her singing so she could use as an intro to her dvd. We recorded the whole event in which she can use this as an intro.

Super excited! Maybe I'll shoot a music video next.

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