I'm a ball of energy! You can always expect me to bring a ton of smiles and positive energy to an environment. Love is something I spread a lot of. Family is very important to me. I'm very big on respect and time. I can't stay still for long and my mind is always racing with thoughts. I love to daydream about all kinds of things. I'm very goal driven. I love to serve and help others. I have a gift of teaching and connecting with people. When you see me, I'll be your biggest cheerleader and "hype" man for sure.

I'm that guy who was the class clown in school

I'm always smiling about something
Wait until you meet me...

I'm working on purchasing my dream truck Chevrolet Silverado Z71. I'm a gear head who loves the latest tech. I smile too much and show tons of love! I love me some island foods and lemon pepper hot wings! I'm a fun guy who loves watching TV shows, playing video games, shopping online, playing tennis, traveling the world and making others feel good about themselves.

what I'm known for:

I was that kid who was always bullied and picked last but it never stop me from being the funniest guy in school. At one point in my life, I gave up on myself and almost took my own life because I didn't know what I was destined to do. Even though life was hard, I was able to find my passion through great mentors and positive men in my life. I've been shooting for over 12 years but I left my job and I've been full time for 3 years now doing what I love and what people told me was impossible to do.

I'm a Southern boy born in Fort Hood, Texas raised in Dothan, Alabama. "Mannn", "Bruh", "Sis", and "Cuzz" is a part of my vocabulary.

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Hi there, I'm 
Courtney Lashea Porter

I am a Wedding Photographer and Life Coach to the Everyday Woman.

I love laughing with Marcus and joking around with him. I have a deep love for funnel cakes and anything sweet. I love watching TV shows, puzzles, going out on the town, meeting new people and relaxing in my beautiful apartment. 

what I'm known for:

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has a passion for equipping people with effective strategies in dealing with issues involving mental and emotional health. A few words to describe me: Resilient, Patient, Objective, Organized, Perceptive, Patient, Empathetic, Flexible and Driven. I know that was a lot but that's me! I have a way with people and I know how to bring out the best in others around me. I'm such a sweetheart!

I'm a Southern Girl born in Montgomery, Alabama. I'm a ride or die type of chick who loves to travel, shop, and dominate game nights. I love makeup and all the girly things!

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