Agriculture Center Memphis TN, Sunflower Field Photoshoot

January 8, 2021

Sunflower Field – Agriculture Center Memphis, TN

Would you believe that this was my first photoshoot at the Sunflower Field here in Memphis, TN? I’ve lived here for 6 years and I would always see images on social media but never knew where the sunflower field was.

Little did I know the Agriculture Center was just 10 minutes away from my house. I remember Taylor reached out to me because she wanted to do something cool for her birthday shoot so this sunflower field was the first thing that came to mind.

The sunflower field was packed full of photographers, families, and kids having fun while taking some cool pictures. Some had flashes, others had softboxes, and even cell phones. So I decided to shoot natural light. So I remember seeing the sunflowers and noticing the sun was on the sunset side while the flowers were facing the sunrise side. I didn’t want to shoot her with the sun shining on her back so I had her face the sun while the flowers faced the opposite direction.

I wanted to have her face lit by the sun because I love how the sun looks on black and brown skin tones. I also wanted the flowers to be blurred out to focus more on the subject and see if I could create some cool compositions.

Taylor had an amazing time shooting with us even though she was nervous. Since this was her first shoot, I wanted to help her with posing by giving her an objective to do. Like, “Taylor stand tall and face almost away from me and turn your head over your shoulders like your a celebrity model and the the guy that cheated on you hasn’t seen you in 5 years and you know he’s watching you. Show me that look you would give!”

This sounds crazy but it worked. She felt so comfortable that she started to just pose on her own and just have fun. These shots are just me give her little task to do and me capturing her motions.

If you’re ever in Memphis around the Late Summer time, Please visit the Agriculture Center and get you some nice Sunflower Field Photos.

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